“The Other Side of My Heart”  December 6, 2004 – March 25, 2012                                      Ch. Winters Pony “Princess” completed her AKC championship in June 2007 and shortly after we began competing in CPE agility.  She was an opinionated dog, avid fence climber, a loyal companion and my favorite bed partner.  She nursed any puppy that entered our home, whether she had whelped them or not.  Princess left me after complications from spinal surgery, traveling to the bridge…March 25, 2012

“Your pain is gone, your suffering is over, you feel alive and strong.                                        As you bask in the sun, feeling the warmth of the healing rays                                                You will know in your heart that those same rays may dry my tears.                                        You were always true to yourself, and loving me in every moment.                                     Your heart was always open.                                                                                                                 I trust I will see you again, hold you in my arms, massage your soul,                                    feel your kisses on my face, your body curled on my side,                                                            For you are always The Other Side of My Heart.”