About Us

I began my life with Miniature Pinschers almost twenty years ago when one of my daughters came to stay for a while with her  Miniature Pinscher Shaianne.  I fell in love with the animation, energy and sheer joy of this wonderful breed. We recently moved to central Florida, leaving New York behind, to a 5 acre wooded parcel, safely fenced for the comfort of the dogs.

My first quality dogs came from some helpful breeders in New England.  I purchased my first show prospect, Simon, from Kathy Monaghan and will be forever grateful for her guidance and support.

At the 2006 Miniature Pinscher Nationals in Kentucky, I met Marcia Tucker and Pamella Ruggie from Leesburg, Florida – Sunsprite/Pevensey kennels. Pevensey’s Rumors Are Flying (aka Ru) came home from the Nationals with me.  She finished her championship in Brooksville, Florida in January 2008.  Ru was one of my favorites in type and personality. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2016 and will be missed.  Many of my dogs can be traced back to Pevensey/Sunsprite lineage.

One of my favorite companions was Princess, Ch. Winters Pony Princess who came from Katie Winters in California.  She was always at my side, attaching her entire body to my leg when I would try to leave the house without her.  Her devotion and drive was consistent, her stamina everlasting and – when we worked as a team – an awesome agility partner. I lost Princess on March 25, 2012 ; complications from spinal surgery.  A year later, her daughter Lucy came back to live with me and has worked her way into my heart, alongside her mother.  We started obedience and agility competition and having a bonding experience and lots of fun.  As of 2019, Lucy is now the oldest MinPin in our family.

There have been a combination of  “rescued” MinPins that have come through our home, as well as abandoned dogs – probably of puppy mill origin.  All have since found “forever homes.”

My daughter Vanessa and her MinPin “Jazz” started our agility frenzy,  competing in AKC agility and held the title of #1 in the breed for several years…Shadowpins Jazz Marazz. She has just started training her new dog Indie, hopefully to follow Jazz’s lead.

Follow the stories of each of our family of dogs on the following pages…

To inquire about any future puppies, email Susan at shadowpinss@aol.com. Check current adventures on our Facebook page, Shadowpins Miniature Pinschers

20 Responses to About Us

  1. Deb Keller says:

    Hi Susan. I just wanted to let you know that “Marco”, aka Elvis, is doing wonderfully well here at Jim’s Garage. He is something of a little local celebrity and has even been the inspiration for at least one min pin rescue!

    He’s a fabulous little dog with an enormous personality. He is full of mischief and love…he spends much of his time sitting in the laps of our service customers as they wait for their car repairs. I think, in that capacity, he is even something of a service dog as many of our customers no long have dogs of their own and relish the opportunity to enjoy the company of a good dog.

    Thanks so much for letting Bill adopt him. He’s such a fun dog and all of us here love him very much.

    Warmest regards
    Deb Keller
    Jim’s Garage, LLC
    North Canaan, CT

  2. sacosta49 says:

    I am thrilled to get your email and found it by accident,
    The only time I visit the website is to change or add something……and then saw all these messages.
    It’s been a tough winter……Put my doberman Sasha down in January,
    Lost my heart dog Princess to a complication related to emergency spinal surgery the end of March
    Just said goodbye to the chocolate girl Dakota last week.

    So glad to hear about Elvis. I wondered how he was, and trusted that he was doing well.
    If I’m ever in the area, I’ll stop by and say hi!

    Susan and the crew
    (Puppies due the end of July!)

  3. Dotty says:

    First time I saw your site. Very nice…Dotty

  4. Stacy says:

    Hi Susan, I just want to say thanks for the help with my inquiries about mini pins. You were so nice and helpful. Hope to speak to you in the future regarding a puppy or older dog that may be ok with children. Take care Stacy

  5. Laurie Ann Lucchina says:

    I am seeking a rescued min pin dog. I recently had to send my min pin (18+yo) to Rainbow Bridge. I’m lost without her. Please let me know if you have any rescues for adoption. Thank you.

  6. Farrah Wesson says:

    After intense research, I have found you. I lost my min pin soulmate in February 2014 to lupus. The vets couldn’t help her. My husband and I have had min pins since 1996 and I would like to know if you might have any litters planned for next year. So many min pin “breeders” are failing the breed and kicking out scrawny, too small, creations. All of ours have always been the correct size. Finding a quality breeder has been hard since miniature pinschers became popular in the last few years.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


  7. Gisele Schaffer says:

    Hello Susan,
    I am currently looking for a mini pin to be my family’s pet. I came across your website and would like more information on the next litter and how to apply for a puppy.

  8. Kira Hayes says:

    Hello Susan i am looking to get a miniature pinscher. i was hoping you could let me know a little about your dogs, when the next litter is coming, how much, etc. i look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Jen Mak says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’m looking for a female miniature pincher. Please let me know what your process is to get onto a waiting list. Thank You in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Bill J. Focarazzo says:

    Dear Susan, I am also seeking a young female Min-Pin for my dad & I. Would be interested in a rescue or a puppy from you. Puppy mills are not my way of acquiring a new member of the family. My niece has two & we love them. Please contact me whenever you can. Happy Holidays, Bill

  11. sacosta49 says:

    Please email me at shadowpinss@aol.com for information about the December puppies

  12. sacosta49 says:

    Please contact me at shadowpinss@aol.com for additional information about puppies

  13. sacosta49 says:

    I cannot remember if I responded to you….If you are still looking, please email me at shadowpinss@aol.com

  14. sacosta49 says:

    I do not remember if I responded to your inquiry. If you are still looking please email me at shadowpinss@aol.com

  15. fred ciarletta says:

    I would like to get on the reservation list for the litter in April..Prices? Im lookingvfor a black and tan female

  16. sacosta49 says:

    Sorry, but I just saw this as I was updating my site. Hopefully you found a puppy by now.

  17. Denise Catasus says:

    Please send information on future adoption puppies. Thank you.

  18. sacosta49 says:

    Denise…..the current pups are all spoken for. I do expect another litter this year. Please email me at shadowpinss@aol.com and I can put you on my wait list for future contact. Thanks!

  19. Kasha says:

    Looking for a female minpin..thanks

  20. sacosta49 says:

    I have litter planned in the next few months but nothing available at this time. Sorry

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