Bianka vom Buffeltaler aka Eli

Eli (pronounced “Ellie”) is a Deutsch Drahthaar (DD) born in Janurary of 2004.  Yes- she looks just like a German Wirehaired Pointer, but no- she is not a GWP. The best way I can describe what makes her a DD (Deutsch Drahthaar)and not a German Wirehair is that a “DD” is registered with the VDD (Verein Deutsch Drahthaar) not AKC. It is this registration, along with careful testing and tracking of the dog’s hunting performance in both natural and learned ability, that makes a Deutsch Drahthaar a Deutsch Drahthaar and not a German Wirehaired Pointer. They are somewhat the same but, bred for different standards in conformation, performance and with strict breeding “regulations.”

The Deutsch Drahthaar has been around since 1902, while the GWP was brought to the US in the 1920’s and later accepted into AKC in 1959. The Drahthaar is bred from a Puddelpointer (which is a cross of an English Pointer and a German Water Pudel). The Griffon and the Sitichelhaar were also bred in and play a large roll in the genetics of the Drahthaar.